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KDDI Super World Card
(for Inmarsat FBB, Fleet, B)

Our company have arranged KDDI Super World Card for crew's private telephone calls on Inmarsat equipment. It is very suitable to separate private use from vessel's satellite communication.

Seles method:

  • delivering the real card (postage excluded),
  • sending PIN numbers by E-mail.
Card Usage value Price Unit price of TEL on FBB Actual Unit Price
3600 JPY 3,600 JPY 2,530 JPY 130 / min JPY 91.3 / min
6000 JPY 6,000 JPY 4,170 JPY 130 / min JPY 90.3 / min
8400 JPY 8,400 JPY 5,760 JPY 130 / min JPY 89.0 / min

We have revised the prices from 19th December, 2015.

Besides payment in Japanese Yen, we accept payment in dollars (convert using monthly rate).

KVH Crew Calling Card
(for KVH VSAT)

KVH Crew Calling Card with CommBox can handle both telephone call and packet data communication (e.g. E-mail, Facebook and Web browsing).

Card Price Unit price for Tel Unit price for Data
$25 US$ 25.00 US$0.49-0.99 US$ 1.00 / MB
$100 US$ 100.00 US$0.49-0.99 US$ 1.00 / MB
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